Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Request to submit literature to the Understanding Predation project

This post has been written by Dr Chris Wernham, on behalf of the Project's Research Group.  She explains the process that is being followed to collect data for the Natural Science review and asks for details of any 'grey literature' that the searches may have missed.

The scientific literature reviewing for this project is now underway. This will involve systematic searching of on-line scientific databases to access scientific papers and other reports that are indexed in such databases, as well as further review of information in previous reviews (e.g. Park et al. 2005, 2008; Gibbons et al. 2007; Smith et al. 2008, Nicholl & Norris 2010). 

Further details are available on the Project's section of the Moorland Forum's website and include:
  • Information on the scientific search and literature selection methods; 
  • A work-in-progress bibliography of literature being considered by the review (please note this is a large file with some duplicates); and 
  • A spreadsheet showing how literature will be filtered for use.
We are very aware that a wealth of relevant factual information may be available in what is known as ‘grey literature’, including reports and other publications (e.g. book chapters) that may not be included in on-line databases or be cited by peer-reviewed scientific papers. You can help to make this review as comprehensive as possible by making sure that we are aware of this type of material.

We are very keen for you to contact us now and tell us about the most important sources of literature relevant to this project that you consider we must review as part of the work (whether we are aware of them already or not). Please would you do this by the end of July at the latest.

As a reminder, we are looking for literature on the following topics (see the draft review structure for more information on the areas of research that will be covered by the review):
  • Impacts of predation by avian or mammalian predators on wild birds in Scotland, with a particular focus on breeding waders and wild gamebirds;
  • Impacts of other factors on populations of wild birds (again focussed on breeding waders and wild gamebirds) and their major predators (for examples of the factors we will be considering, see the project questionnaire); and
  • Evidence for the success (or otherwise) of conservation-management techniques that could be used to mitigate against adverse effects of predation on breeding wader and wild gamebird populations (for examples of techniques we will be considering, see the project questionnaire).
Please use the contact form if you have suggestions for literature to include in the review.  Dr Mark Wilson from BTO Scotland (tel: 01786 466560) will contact you and ask for as much information as possible (authors, title, organisation, year) and, ideally, an electronic or hard copy if this is feasible. 


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