Sunday, 7 February 2016

Report Launch - 8 February 2016

Aileen McLeod, MSP, The Minster for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, will launch the final project report, tomorrow morning, 8 February 2016.  The report will be available from the Moorland Forum's website at lunchtime, and by the miracle of Dropbox, some photographs from the launch will be available at the same time.

To access the Report follow the Understanding Predation button from the home page of the Moorland Forum website.

The project may be reaching its conclusion, but the debate about the findings is just about to start.  If this is a subject that interests you, whatever your standpoint, please keep visiting this blog.  The comment facility remains available - tell me, and everyone else who follows this blog, what you think about the report and the issues it addresses.

Open debate, not silence, will move us forward.

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