Saturday, 9 January 2016

Final Seminar - postponed

The decision to postpone the final seminar, which had been planned to take place on Monday, 11 January, was made reluctantly.  There were several factors that were moving us towards postponement, but the final straw was a family bereavement within the Research Group, which would have meant that the Research Group would be short-handed for the event. 

I am looking at the options for re-organising the seminar with the Research Group, but due to the shortage of time between now and the publication of the final report on 1 February, it is possible that this will not take place until after the publication of the report.

This seminar would have provided an opportunity for people who have attended the earlier seminars, together with some members of the steering group, to provide some further input to help shape the final report.

I will be discussing alternative options to obtain this input with the Research Group at the end of next week, after all the feedback on the draft report has been assimilated.  However, those who want to get involved with this, will need to realise that turnaround time for any further input will be very short, to make sure that further input can be incorporated into the final report.

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