Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Final Furlong

We are entering the final stages of this project.  The time available was always going to be short but we have achieved a lot in a short time.

The draft final report was forwarded to the members of the Review Panel and the Steering Group on 10th December with a request for comments to be returned to me by 6th January.  These comments will help the Research Group refine the report ready for publication on 1st February.

I think the draft final Report confirms that the project has assembled a large amount of very relevant information and presented it clearly.  This is confirmed by the feedback I have seen from early reviewers, but the aim will be to improve the report in the remaining time available.

I look forward to the event at Battleby, on 8 February, when Dr Aileen McLeod, MSP, Minister for Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform, will launch the final report to senior guests from Forum member organisations and elsewhere.  The final activity that is currently planned, will be a briefing for MSPs at Holyrood on 25th February and it is significant that the Minister will be attending this briefing.

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